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"Surround yourself with the support you and your newborn need to have a happy, nurturing postpartum experience."

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Why do I need a postpartum doula?
In today’s American society, many new mothers no longer have the help of their own mothers or other female relatives to assist them during the postpartum period, or during the first 12 weeks after birth.  In some cases, new moms may have support, but their support system is not familiar with current information about infant care.  On top of this, many moms today feel that they have to “do it all” which is an unfortunate expectation surrounding motherhood, particularly when a new mom is recovering from childbirth, exhausted from lack of sleep, and has other obligations to her other children or workplace.  Having a postpartum doula during this period after birth has been shown to increase confidence, decrease postpartum depression, and increase the likelihood of successful breastfeeding.  Mothers caring for their newborn need non-judgmental care and access to evidence-based information, given in a nurturing environment that allows them to feel the range of “normal” emotions after childbirth---joy, fear, uncertainty, and empowerment, just to name a few!

Do postpartum doulas work only with moms who have postpartum depression?
No, a postpartum doula works with any new or seasoned mother in the postpartum period, which is typically defined as the first 12 weeks after birth, but can be up to 6 months under some circumstances such as prematurity.   However, we are educated on the signs of postpartum depression and can offer support to a mother who is having these symptoms.

I have one baby.   Do you only work with moms of multiples?
No, a postpartum doula can work with any size family!  All mothers deserve support during the postpartum period.

Do you accept insurance?
There are a few insurance companies who will reimburse clients for postpartum doula services.  I can provide the necessary invoice and NPI (national provider identification number) needed to help you file a claim.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your insurance company will provide reimbursement. However, several of my clients have successfully submitted receipts to their flexible spending accounts for reimbursement.

How are you able to provide postpartum doula services to more than one family at a time, even at night?  Aren’t you tired?
In order to accommodate my clients’ schedules and any special needs, I work with an incredible team of highly knowledgeable doulas in this area, as well as other birth professionals. These doulas are experts in our field and highly qualified. If I cannot do all the work necessary to fulfill your needs, I am sometimes able to enlist the help of one or more members of my team to assist me in providing you services.

What kind of training do you have?
I am a certified postpartum doula through DONA International.  This means that I completed trainings in newborn care and characteristics, breastfeeding, and postpartum mood disorders, as well as certification in CPR/First Aid.  Additionally I completed a great deal of self-study on newborn and postpartum related topics, a a library of postpartum resources, the recommendation of a healthcare professional, and letters of recommendation.  Continuing education is also a requirement to remain certified through DONA International.  My education also includes a Master of Social Work, as well as an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development and Family Relations.  This background gives me additional expertise in working with many kinds of family units and cultural backgrounds, as well as identifying and working with special situations and providing additional resources.